Woodland Felling Licence Application

Lushland provides guidance in line with the law on felling trees within a woodland setting which is contained within The Forestry Act of 1967.

The Forestry Commission administers felling licences under the Forestry Act of 1967. In certain circumstances it may be necessary to apply for a felling licence from the Forestry Commission. If for example, the intended work is likely to result in the felling of more than five cubic metres of timber in one calendar quarter, and more than two cubic metres of timber is to be sold.

Lushland can aid and advise landowners on the drafting and submission of felling licence applications to the Forestry Commission, by providing a woodland management plan, on site verbal advice and/or written reports for woodland management.  Lushland can manage the entire application process by applying for a felling licence on behalf of our clients if required.

We would be happy to discuss terms for submitting felling licence applications.  Contact us for more details.

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