Health & Safety Tree Survey

A land owner/estate manager has a duty of care to ensure other people are not endangered by trees on their property. This duty is defined in law, in particular by the Occupiers Liability Act (1957 and 1984).

To fulfil this duty of care, a regular inspection of all trees should be made by a qualified arboriculturalist*

If a tree or part of a tree falls and consequently causes damage or injury to property or an individual, the land owner or person responsible for the tree will be liable for damages, if it established that they have been negligent.

Lushland tree surveys are carried out in line with arboricultural best practice VTA (Visual Tree Assessment) guidance and current industry approved research findings. Following a site visit to expertly inspect the trees, Lushland can produce a comprehensive, written report that provides detailed information on the tree including species, size, age, physiological and visual condition and recommendations for any management requirements such as surgery works or further inspections.  All our reports are valid for one year from the date of the site visit which complies with the landowner’s duty of care and public liability insurance.

We would be happy to discuss terms for conducting a tree survey to meet your individual requirements. Contact us for more details.

*Arboriculture means the cultivation and management of trees and shrubs. An arboriculturalist is a trained professional, qualified in the field or arboriculture.

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