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Providing expert tree surveys, risk assessments and maintenance advice for trees in the urban and rural environment

With our native trees now coping with and adapting to harsher winters, hotter summers and wetter seasons than they have ever been used to. Never has it been more important for landowners to check the health of the trees they are responsible for through a professional tree survey.

Our Services

Tree Inspection Advice & Tree/Shrub Identification

Health & Safety Tree Surveys

Quantified Tree Risk Assessment

Tree Preservation Order & Conservation Area Guidance

Arboricultural or Landscape Report as part of a Planning Application

Woodland Felling Licence Application

Homebuyers Report for Mortgage & Insurance

Tree Assessment for Subsidence to Buildings & Structures

Tree Litigation Advice & Mediation Expertise in Court Proceedings

Arboricultural Consultancy Advice & Staffing Support to Local Authorities & Building Developers

Contract Monitoring for Grounds Maintenance

Lushland is fully insured to recommend necessary tree works in line with current industry research, regulations and British Standards relating to trees. Lushland strives to deliver a friendly, dedicated and professional service to its clients in all aspects of arboriculture.

Lushland solely provides tree consultancy; we do not undertake any of the tree surgery procedures that we may recommend. Any tree advice we give is therefore impartial, providing an unbiased service to our clients across the South-East region. Should our survey find that tree surgery works are needed, we are able to recommend qualified local tree contractors to promptly carry out the tree works required in our survey, if requested by our clients.

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