Why Love Trees?

Trees play a vital role in the environment in which we live, by providing character and beauty within our towns and cities and improving our mental wellbeing.

Trees form a vital part of our eco-system by:

  • Producing the oxygen we breathe
  • Absorbing carbon dioxide and some pollutants
  • Helping to form rain
  • Reducing soil erosion
  • Acting as wind and noise barriers
  • Providing shade in a rapidly warming climate
  • Supporting much of the world’s wildlife
  • Supplying us with natural fruits, nuts, syrups and medicines
  • Producing the bi-products of wood and paper
  • Providing an educational resource

A tree is a complex living organism which often comes into conflict with public and property, especially when growing in an urban environment. Just like any living organism, a tree can suffer from disease and infection. If a tree is not cared for it could become potentially dangerous as it may:

  • be partly or wholly decayed and therefore liable to fall
  • become infected by decay pathogens weakening its structural integrity
  • be of such a shape, size or structure that it is unsafe in the environment in which it is growing

If you are worried about a tree you are responsible for contact Lushland today.

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