Tree Preservation Order & Conservation Area Guidance

Lushland provides guidance in line with the law on Tree Preservation Orders (TPO) which is contained within Part VIII of the Town & Country Planning Act 1990 and in the Town and Country Planning (Trees) Regulations 1999. Updated in The Town and Country Planning (Tree Preservation)(England) Regulations 2012.

Trees can be legally protected against unnecessary pruning or felling by being subject to a TPO or by being located within a Conservation Area (CA). This protective status requires the tree owner to seek the local authority’s consent before proceeding with any tree works.

Lushland can aid and give advice to tree owners on: submitting an application to the local authority to prune or fell a tree which is subject to a TPO; or submitting notifications of intent to the local authority to prune or fell a tree located within a CA.

We would be happy to discuss terms for providing guidance on tree preservation orders or trees growing within conservation areas. Contact us for more details.

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